Best equipment for Needle-drops

Getting good needle-drops is not a matter of chance. In addition, software equalisation requires some specialised (or modified) equipment because most phono preamplifiers include equalisation as part of their circuitry.

On this page, we will make some recommendations for equipment for capturing the best needle-drops possible, so that Stereo Lab has the very best source material on which to work.

The hardware products recommended here were actually developed in conjunction with Stereo Lab because we found no pre-existing commercial equipment would perform to the level which matched a high-resolution software solution.

Remember, CD audio has a dynamic range of 96dB, smaller then than the capacity of the human hearing system, which has a dynamic range of about 120dB. The very best analogue circuits can just about match this dynamic range. But, by contrast, double precision floating-point math (the format used inside the Stereo Lab program) is a binary format which has a precision of 53 bits or 320dB. That's a dynamic range which is ten billion (1010) times greater than the human hearing system.

That's what we mean when we call Stereo Lab High Resolution Software. Be sure to visit the Listening Room.

Phono Preamplifiers

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Cartridge for 78 records

Turntables for 78 RPM


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